Java Programming Videos

I’ve been helping my niece with her high school computer science class. She hadn’t had any previous programming experience and so this has been a great reminder of how hard learning to program can be at first. I realized that with some of the experience I got tutoring her I could easily record some videos for other beginners that might help them out. Youtube HD is great for screencasts, so I’ve set up a channel for my videos.

Java Basics For Beginners

  1. How to download and install Netbeans for Windows (4 min)
  2. Basic Hello World (5 min)
  3. Introduction to Methods (8 min)
  4. Quick overview of comments (4 min)
  5. Introduction to variables and memory (8 min)
  6. If/If-Else/If-Else-If Statements (part 1) (6 min)
  7. If/If-Else/If-Else-If Statements (part 2) (5 min)
  8. booleans and if statements (4 min)

Javabat Solutions

  1. sleepIn – booleans and the || operator (10 min)
  2. sumDouble – ints, order of precedence (6 min)
  3. parrotTrouble – boolean logic, order of precedence (10 min)

These are recorded in glorious 1280×720 HD, so you’ll need Flash 10 to really view them. You can check your version here. My player version says “WIN 10,0,42,34″, where the number I’ve put in bold part is the important part. If it is less than 10, you should upgrade here.

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