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5 more essentials for your programming toolbox

Following up on my first post, What should be in your programming toolbox, here are a few more ideas from my list:

Unrolled Linked Lists

Wikipedia has more details, but essentially, an unrolled linked list is great because it will give you better performance than a regular linked list, is more cache friendly, and will probably have much less overhead. The basic idea is to store an array of elements at each node rather than a single one. This keeps your pointers closer together, which will make your cache happy when you are iterating through your items.

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What should be in your programming toolbox?

I really enjoy writing the code that makes systems like Audiogalaxy and FolderShare run. Getting into the zone and really getting some good work done is a great experience, but remains my second favorite aspect of the job. For me, the best part is the design phase before the real coding starts. At that point, everything is totally fluid and malleable. I’m making the decisions that I’m going to live with for the next few years, and putting some extra cleverness or flexibility into the system can have huge payoffs.

Something I’ve found very helpful at this phase is a “programming toolbox” — a simple list of good ideas and approaches to different problems. When I’m stuck on a problem, or trying to generate a new approach to something, it can be helpful to flip through the list. Most of the ideas won’t apply, but sometimes it will spark something novel. To keep this list from getting too unwieldy, I’ll post a few at a time as I write them up.

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